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From pre-condemnation planning, order of taking hearings and mediation, to trial or appellate representation, Birchfield & Humphrey offers skilled representation in eminent domain, inverse condemnation and property rights matters. We invite you to explore our site to learn more about our services, qualifications and experience.

Our goal is for you to receive full compensation as guaranteed by the Florida Constitution for the taking or damaging of your private property for a public project.  Birchfield & Humphrey will represent your interests and defend your rights through all negotiations and trial. By contacting the firm early in the condemnation process you will improve your opportunity to get the most fair and complete compensation for your property or business.
We will help you assemble the eminent domain experts essential to the issues in your case, negotiate with the condemning authority, or present your case in the circuit or appellate courts. Birchfield & Humphrey also welcomes the opportunity to work with other lawyers on a co-counsel basis to jointly represent your interests in any of your eminent domain and condemnation matters.

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